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Jariot Lehtinen (*20.1.1967 Helsinki)

lives in: Helsinki / Finland

all time favourite bands:
Waltari, Beatles, Sex Pistols...

all time favourite albums:
Beatles / Sgt. Pepper´s...
Sex Pistols / Never Mind The Bollocks...

actual favourite album:
Rare Species

music video:
huh... difficult question?

best concert(s) ever seen:
L'Amourder in Moscow

best movie(s) ever:
i don´t remember. i rather watch something else than usual american sh*t

actual best movie:
haven´t been watching many movies lately

favourite movie director:
don´t have one

favourite books:
all Mika Waltari's books

favourite author:

i love all kind of food. i am a food freak.

coca cola

yellow, red and black

Your Nature Is Wild, Dreamworld...

Message to the world:
Make love, not war!

Favourite hair styler:

Punavuorenkatu 22
00150 Helsinki

kärtsy (bass+voc+progr++)

Kärtsy Hatakka, 17.12.1967

Who are you? The main lunatic of the soap.

Where do you come from: HELLLLLsink.........i

where do you live: I´ve moved from Haleinki-Kallio to Ruoholahti. First time away from Kallio, buhuu...

Where are you going to: Cemetary. (where I don´t wanna be buried in thou, at least Pet... greets to Jörg!)

Your bands+styles: Waltari and Wax. No limit and dance hall.

All time favourite band(s): Beatles, Jethro Tull, Metallica, Bowie, Cure, Prodigy...

All time favourite album(s): too many to mention them all..f.e.Broadsword and The Beast by Tull, From Enslavement to Obliteration By Napalm Death, Music For The Jilted Generation by Prodigy...

Actual favourite album(s): Korn: Untouchables, System Of A Down: Mesmerize, Sub-UrbanTribe: Revolt Now, Mars Volta: Frances The Mute, Yes:Relayer

Favourite music video: Don Johnson Big Band: Road

Best concert(s) ever seen: Paul McCartney in Stockholm 2003 or Kraftwerk in Helsinki 2004 ?? (...aah, you can´t say that, always changing) fact I mostly prefer seeing myself in a coming live DVD!! Korn Helsinki icehall 06

Best movie(s) ever watched: Spede Pasanen: Koeputkiaikuinen ja Simon Enkelit

Actual best movie: The Pirates Of Caribbean part 1

Favourite movie director: Pasolini plus 20 more...

Favourite book(s): Ray Manzarek. My Trip With The Doors

Favourite author: Mika Waltari - surprise!

Favourite food: Garlick soup..for losing the kilos plus vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries

Favourite drink(s): Kossubattery. Koskenkorva with Finnnish energy drink

Favourite colour(s): Orange - surprise!

Favourite w-song: 06 demoes

Message to world: Stop the technical progression... you´re losing yourself to something that really does not exist...

Kärtsy´s famous orange bass:



Sami Yli-Sirniö
Born 10th April 1972 in Helsinki



guitarist in Brainwash



guitarist in Waltari



Living in Berlin and Dortmund; tours with Kreator, studio musician with e.g. Tiamat, Kyyria and Grip Inc., making music in In Rags



Replacing Roope Latvala in Waltari on "Radium Round" promo gigs and European Tour, acoustic guitar in "Evangelicum" live shows at Finnish National Opera



back in Finland, occupied in many bands: 2009 Waltari, Kreator and Barren Earth


Favourite album   

Changes every week


Music video

Jimi Hendrix: "Are You Experienced"
Pink Floyd: "Live At Pompeiji"



Jeff Buckley in Loft, Berlin ´93
Nirvana in same venue ´91



"Shining" (Stanley Kubrick)
"Space Odyssey 2001" (Stanley Kubrick)



Mika Waltari: "Sinuhe The Egyptian"


Food and drink

Italian & Japanese



Black & red


Waltari song

"Life Without Love"



Ville Veikko Vehviläinen (*20.12.1983 Lahti, Finland)

Musical background: 12 years of drumming, as a child studied trumpet at Lahti Conservatoire

Favourite musicians: Terry Bazzio, Uli Kusch (Helloween, Masterplan)

Bands: Iron Maiden, Helloween

Concert: Iron Maiden in Helsinki 2003

Movie: Lord Of The Rings trilogy

Food & Drink: All food is good. Milk, water, beer.

Color: Black is black

W-song: Don´t know yet.

Other bands: Disco Inferno


Captain Janne Immonen (*9.6.1973 Helsinki, Finland)

Lives in: Helsinki / Finland

Bands: Waltari, Ajattara, Kings Of Fools

All time favourite albums: Pink Floyd: Animals

Music video: Pussycat Dolls: Don´t cha

Best concert(s) ever seen: Pink Floyd, Ullevi Stadion, Gothenburg, Sweden 1994

Best movie(s) ever: Stanley Kubrick: Clockwork Orange

Favourite books: Nick Mason: Inside Out

Food/drink: Semivege, absinth & Baileys

Colour(s): Punk Pink

W-song: Atom Angel

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