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Punavuorenkatu 22
00150 Helsinki

kärtsy (bass+voc+progr++)

Kärtsy Hatakka, 17.12.1967

Who are you? The main lunatic of the soap.

Where do you come from: HELLLLLsink.........i

where do you live: I´ve moved from Haleinki-Kallio to Ruoholahti. First time away from Kallio, buhuu...

Where are you going to: Cemetary. (where I don´t wanna be buried in thou, at least Pet... greets to Jörg!)

Your bands+styles: Waltari and Wax. No limit and dance hall.

All time favourite band(s): Beatles, Jethro Tull, Metallica, Bowie, Cure, Prodigy...

All time favourite album(s): too many to mention them all..f.e.Broadsword and The Beast by Tull, From Enslavement to Obliteration By Napalm Death, Music For The Jilted Generation by Prodigy...

Actual favourite album(s): Korn: Untouchables, System Of A Down: Mesmerize, Sub-UrbanTribe: Revolt Now, Mars Volta: Frances The Mute, Yes:Relayer

Favourite music video: Don Johnson Big Band: Road

Best concert(s) ever seen: Paul McCartney in Stockholm 2003 or Kraftwerk in Helsinki 2004 ?? (...aah, you can´t say that, always changing) fact I mostly prefer seeing myself in a coming live DVD!! Korn Helsinki icehall 06

Best movie(s) ever watched: Spede Pasanen: Koeputkiaikuinen ja Simon Enkelit

Actual best movie: The Pirates Of Caribbean part 1

Favourite movie director: Pasolini plus 20 more...

Favourite book(s): Ray Manzarek. My Trip With The Doors

Favourite author: Mika Waltari - surprise!

Favourite food: Garlick soup..for losing the kilos plus vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries

Favourite drink(s): Kossubattery. Koskenkorva with Finnnish energy drink

Favourite colour(s): Orange - surprise!

Favourite w-song: 06 demoes

Message to world: Stop the technical progression... you´re losing yourself to something that really does not exist...

Kärtsy´s famous orange bass:

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